Spoiler alert: This is going to be mildly sexist. Sorry about that. Everyone has preferences that arise out of societal conditioning and romantic relationships are no exceptions when it comes to things people apply those preferences too.

Men and women are designed to love different things and it is a real miracle that the human race survived so long given those differences.

So here goes, 12 things in women that men find unattractive :

1. Going overboard with make-up

(Sorry) Yes, there is an optimum level of make-up that brings out the most of your beautiful face. Inhabit that Goldilocks zone. Men feel they are entitled enough to think that their opinion about your looks matter, so yeah.

2. Don’t pretend to be Beyoncé

Simply try to keep your confidence down. Men are designed to look for the weakest of the herd, and it kills me to say so but the lesser self-esteem you have, the better in this case.

3. Not putting the first foot out

angry nerd engagement proposal with roses

Try to be the first person to lead the conversation and get it going. Someone who takes initiative is immediately sexy to the male sex.

4. Poor hygiene

This is the least sexist thing about this article. Common sense ladies, the only time they enjoy saying “Are you my dirty girl?” is in bed; they don’t mean it, at all.

5. Criticising your ex

They don’t want to know how bad he was in bed or how bad a conversationalist he was. They want you to enjoy the date; not crib about your past.

6. Clinginess

Give them their space. Yes, men love it when you flatter, validate, appreciate and gratify them but at the same time, they hate it if you just don’t let them breathe.

7. The eccentricities that they tell you to give up

Guys think they are entitled enough to pick and choose parts of your personality to like and prefer. So if you can suck it up and change as a person to suit their whims, well, you are a winner.

8. Being an insufferable know-it-all

No one likes a know-it-all. Be flexible and adaptable. Everyone including you can be wrong at some point in their lives.

9. Way too excited when drunk

Let’s face it. Given the society we live in, there is a high chance that your man would get beaten up and thrown out if you misbehave with someone at a public place while he was with you.

10. Being the unbeatable one

No. Anyone can make a mistake, and you aren’t an exception.

11. Too “girly”

Be the mature woman who maintains a distance at most times and doesn’t indulge in too much of intense PDA.

12. Being the aloof one

No. Only guys can do that; not you. Show appreciation to get a pinch of validation back.

Source: Truthinsideofyou.