Photos, if clicked properly, can take you in a different world altogether. They have the power to divert and distract you from whatever you are upto and drag you in a different universe. These images are just like that. Get ready to be mesmerized!


Whoever clicked this picture is a living genius. This is perfect and amazing. Simply outstanding! The placement of the magazine is accurate and so is this angle!

Heartiest Heart!

This is possibly the most beautiful heart I’ve ever seen in my life! Such good work!

What Timing!

If this isn’t perfectly timed picture, I don’t know what is! Nothing can beat the beauty of all those expressions that you see!

Dog Heavy!

I cannot stop laughing after looking at this. This looks just so perfect and amazing. Classic picture when in comes to perfection in timings and framing!

My Picture

I think this is my picture during my school assembly. Only the costumes are different you see!

Par Excellence

I love this shot for a lot of reasons. It is what we call a perfectly executed shot with absolutely perfect frame.


So identical and so much beauty in one picture! Great!

The Great Cover Up

This is indeed the great cover up. No doubt about that at all!


Was this intentional or no? We’ll never know! But is this funny? Absolutely!

Hilarious Level!

This picture looks wrong on so many levels but is amazing on hilarious level!

In her Place

I really really wanna be in this woman’s place right now!


And finally this! We are speechless!

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Source: Genmice.