Are you looking for a really romantic nail art design? Flowers would be the best choice to go for. There are many types of flowers that you can choose but it would also help if you know the meaning behind the flower which you would like to use.
Probably, one of the most popular types of flower you can go for is the Rose. There is nothing more romantic than red roses.

It’s not only the same red roses, the other shades of the roses are also used to denote certain meanings that can also relate to a lot of feelings that people go through or the situations where they are in. Bright roses are often related with romance, the burgundy shade means that there is love that has not been noticed yet.

Elegant White Rose and French Mani.

Red rose on black nail.

Choosing your desired rose nail art colors – It is always depend on your mood or what you would want to pick out from the wonderful colors of the rose. When you have familiarized yourself with their meanings and have decided which one works for you, then you won’t have a hard time picking out the color that suits your mood for the day. You can also use the color meanings to determine which shade is perfect when you are going out for a certain function.

Light Blue Rose.

Lovely tiny red rose for sunny day.

Pink nail idea and white roses with polka dots.

Leopard Rose Nail Art.

Black is always strength, mystery and sophistication.

What a beautiful rose garden in the blue sky!

Black dots and roses on colorful nails for halfmoon nail style.

Pearl and Rose are the two best romantic things in this world.

Dark Blue with pink roses and white dots.

Watch the video below for more choices and direction steps by steps:

DIY Nails Art- Celebrate Mother's Day with Beautiful Rose Nails

DIY Nails Art- Celebrate Mother's Day with Beautiful Rose Nails"There might be millions of roses in the whole world, but you’re my only one, unique rose". – The Little Prince. By: SharingVu

Posted by 198Nails on Sunday, May 13, 2018