– A 13-year-old parking lot boy returned a wallet which contained P7,000

– His honesty was well-rewarded as he was given a scholarship worth P400,000

– Many netizens were amazed at the honesty of the boy

A 13-year-old parking lot boy at a McDonald’s branch has just proven to the world that there is indeed hope for this world.

KAMI learned that he returned a wallet that he found. The amazing part was that it was not an empty wallet but one which contained P7,000 cash.

The boy was identified as Andre Macabuhay and according to the Facebook page Hanep TV, he received a scholarship grant worth P400,000, which would sustain him from elementary to college.

Aside from the grant, he also received free uniform, school supplies and an allowance.

His mother was also awarded with a capital to be used for setting up a sari-sari store.

Andre’s story just proved that if you do something good to your fellow, it will return to you sevenfold. A good deed will always be rewarded.

Source: Kami