We’re constantly bombarded in movies and TV by images of people heroically surviving attacks by employing some breathtaking self-defense hack. Couple that with all the sketchy, free advice online, and it’s pretty easy to get lulled into a false sense of security.

The thing is, a lot of that advice is not only bad, but dangerous. So we asked our readers to ferret out terrible advice and portrayals of self-defense, debunk them, and show us what people should actually do.

14. Entry by Chan Teik Onn

13. Entry by beaverdentures

12. Entry by Andrea Meno

11. Entry by KristinaYong

10. Entry by killbotx

9. Entry by PollyDarton

8. Entry by Hestutomo

7. Entry by Scott Laffey

6. Entry by Maclise

5. Entry by Andrea Meno

4. Entry by Maclise

3. Entry by Markos Hasiotis

2. Entry by burritomouth

1. And the winner is …

Congrats, Hestutomo. You win money.

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