Whenever something messes up royally, we often only see the aftermath. Like, we don’t know how that sword ended up going through somebody’s windshield, but we can only assume that it started with a terrible idea.

And while that’s still likely true, a lot of these plans that ended poorly at least kind of made sense at the time. The excited swordsman’s logic may have been flawed, but we could probably see his point of view if he explained it.

That’s why I’m perfectly willing to let these people explain why these absolute fails seemed like good ideas.

1. I’m not sure how this guy ended up in this position, but I’d be really surprised if he had any kind of exit strategy.

And I wouldn’t expect his buddy to bail him out, if I were him. He is definitely too busy working it.

2. Oh, dear. Somebody learned the hard way that most people don’t just store groceries in the trunk because they’re afraid to embrace bold, new visions.

There aren’t many situations that teach you to appreciate a door that opens up instead of sideways, but here’s one.

3. I’m sure it’s very hot out there, but I feel like it would be easier to just wade out into the water.

I’ve roasted enough that I didn’t care if I drench myself too, but you’re probably not supposed to get certain parts of this thing wet.

4. This bizarre scene apparently happened because somebody put a Bluetooth speaker in there, and I’d love to hear the reason why they did.

Because the only explanation I can think of is that somebody tried to cheat with a recording of somebody playing the tuba well.

5. I can’t deal with the concept of drinking ketchup from the bottle, so I’ll just assume he grabbed the first thing he could find.

And anybody who tells me different will become way more familiar with the sound of my dry heaves than they ever wanted.

6. There’s a lot I don’t understand about this, but I get why they’re calling it a delicacy.

If you even slightly bump these things the wrong way, you’re only gonna end up refreshing the street.

Seriously, why put this in light bulbs? That’s asking for trouble.

7. Whatever this guy’s doing, it apparently can’t be done without a bird’s nest and a snake.

If he’s not protecting the nest and showing predators what happens when they try to invade it, I’ll probably never know what’s going on.

8. It honestly pains me to say this, but I’ve now realized that sprinkles don’t make everything better.

And before anybody gets their strong words out, just picture the opposite problem. Ain’t nobody trying to eat wasabi on ice cream…right? Please say yes.

9. Hmm, before I resort to name-calling like whoever captioned this, I really need to know what this guy cheated on.

If it was her, then yeah, I also don’t understand what on earth they’re both so jolly about. It had to be a test or something.

10. Was somebody hoping to cater to goths with kids here? Because I think that’s kind of a smaller niche than they realize.

I feel like the only kids that would play here on the regular will also threaten to send you to the cornfield.

11. I suppose that if this car was already like that, I can’t really fault someone for finding a silver lining.

I’m just really hoping that they didn’t try to wedge this in and then think, “Welp, I guess I’m getting the saw out of the trunk.”

12. You know what? I think it’s probably better if we don’t know why they bricked up this tree.

If horror movies have taught me anything, it’s that the less curious you are about the world’s terrible secrets, the safer you are.

13. It’s pretty clear that this driver wasn’t intending to end up like this, but what were they trying to do here?

Because whether they meant to or not, they were definitely about to ram that house. I guess the dry moat did its job.

14. This person may never get tired of whatever they’re doing here, but the pupper’s day probably seems pretty long right about now.

“Look, I’m serious enough about my status as a good boy that I won’t bite you, but I’d better get a treat for this.”

15. If this lady isn’t aware of her…uh, stylish fascinator, then I’m about to get even more confused.

But as it stands, I’m still struggling to think of a reason why you’d look in the mirror and think, “You know what this needs? Cabbage.”

16. Based on the dazzling array of capital letters in this person’s reaction, this probably didn’t go the way they planned.

Still, I guess I can see why they took it like this. Without a bag of rice at the ready, anything else is just tempting fate.

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