Hippocratic oath? Does that sound familiar to you? Let me explain. That is an oath stating the obligations and proper conduct of doctors, formerly taken by those beginning medical practice. Parts of the oath are still used in most medical schools. That is just one of the responsibilities doctor have to take.

Indeed, being a doctor is more than just a profession. It is more. It is a lifestyle. And let me say that not everyone is able to handle. Surely I’m one of those people who couldn’t. And I have got plenty of reasons, which you might guess because you have them too. That is why a small number of people all around the world have the capability to be such.

In this article, we are going to point out some stuff most of the doctors could relate to. Continue reading to find out. I’m sure you’re going to have plenty of fun through these pictures.

#1. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Their handwriting needs to be decoded.

#2. The struggle is real I’m telling ya

If you’re a medical student too, you know what this guy exactly meant.

#3. “Got an X-ray yesterday. The whole hospital was rolling on the floor laughing!”

Because details matter you know that.

#4. Letting everybody know she’s a medical worker

Because why remember to hide it? There’s no use in talking to people who think vice-versa.

#5. ‘Shots’ anyone?

How many would you like?

#6. Realizing you truly love people.

Working in intensive care helps you realizing some stuff about yourself.

#7. I have the same question

Let me know your answer. It doesn’t matter how foolish it might sound…

#8. Pathologist student here

Just being blunt AF.

#9. “They tried to scam me from my roommate’s account but I fought back.”

Microbes can help out sometime though.

#10. Starbucks mornings

He has it right.

#11. Is he even a doctor at all?

That’s the million dollar question.

#12. You were warned

But you did it anyway.

#13. Perfect meetings

The miracles of medicine:

#14. All mighty Google?

Any suggestion…

Source: Metdaan.