The world is stupid and we’ve made peace with that. But every time we think it can’t get anymore stupid, someone new turns up to prove us wrong. For instance, look at these 15 people! They are the epitome of stupidity but surprisingly they got away with it!

Cringe Worthy!

This pierced toenail will make anyone feel uneasy. In fact, this has to be one of the most cringe worth photos ever on Internet! Too bad that someone will have to live with this for the rest of their life!

Gluten free?

The only question in my head right now is whether this baby is gluten free? Because if he’s not than too bad that it won’t be of any use to most of us!

Coffee Ruined!

Whatever this is, looks extremely disgusting. And whoever did this should be punished. You are ruining coffee for me forever!


Yes there are stupid people on the world. But then there are the ones who have pasted this up on the wall! I don’t have words to describe their stupidity!

Too Big

Where do you find such big spoons? I want one too! My life looks too empty without anything this big!

The Perfect Balancing Act!

SO what does this woman teach us? She is the perfect example of how to think about our future while balancing are present. It’s a shame that we don’t care!

Act Responsible

So let me guess what he’s doing! He’s trying to jump in the lake while sipping on his chilled beer? Adults need to start behaving responsibly man!


Don’t bother, it’s a trash! Why do people even exist man?


What on earth was this man thinking before loading that humungus log in that tiny car? Like seriously, when will people grow up? Was he high or something?

Roller Jenga!

Let’s declare this a legit sport. Roller Jenga should officially be a thing!

Please Don’t! don’t

Ohhh Dave, please don’t decompose. what will this world without you? Please stop!

Concrete Cycle!

Okay I am really intrigued. How on earth did this happen? I think a bunch of drunk men were working on this concrete!

Given Up!

That’s it. After looking at this image, I am officially giving up on mankind!


Meet this genius woman who got her head stuck in the tailpipe of a car. There’s a reason why I gave up on humanity!

Not Surprised!

‘Just washing the carrots before eating them!’ I am not even surprised anymore!

Source: Genmice.