It seems like only yesterday that you welcomed your new puppy into your home. Perhaps it seems that way because, in a matter of a few months, your pooch has grown twice its size, if not more! The puppy stage lasts a short time, but there’s no greater satisfaction than watching our dogs grow big and healthy by our side. Below are some adorable puppies that have grown, albeit too quickly, into graceful young adults.

We hope you’ll enjoy this fantastic selection of “Then and Now” photos, made by dog owners from around the world!

1. Big or small, they stay babies to us.

2. The puppy grew up but still thinks it’s small.

3. Samson grew bigger but stayed just as sweet as ever.

4. “Look how big I’ve grown since my first Insta post!”

5. The dog changed a lot, but this cute nose is unaltered.

6. “13 months of hard work growing into my paws.”

7. “In the first pic he’s 10 lb and in the second he’s 71 lb! ”

8. Small, big baby

9. Just 4 months have passed but a lot has changed.

10. “I was just 9 lb but my dad helps me to grow.”

11. “Here I am at around 9 weeks, 13 weeks, 5 months, and exactly 1 year!”

12. I’m big, healthy, and fluffy!

13. 3 months, 5 months, and 10 months!

14. “Just hug me. I’m very comfortable.”

15. Sweet memories

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Source: Brightside