The expiration system on foods can be quite confusing sometimes. Not only is there more than one date to try to understand? best-by, sell-by, etc. ? but a lot of times those dates can be totally off.

Many things are edible for a certain amount of time, but the date on their packets may only be an indicator and this means that one may throw perfectly good food away just because people don’t understand what food expires when and which food can be eaten even after years.

There is some food in the world that can be eaten even after centuries and some food or drink that is aged deliberately since the more the edible thing is aged, the better it tastes.

Having knowledge of such food which doesn’t go bad may also help you on long trips so that you may carry such edibles with you and keep them in case of emergency. Such food can be kept and eaten for a lengthy period of time.

Therefore, we present to you 15 such edible items that can be eaten for a long time and have close to no expiration dates.

1 Dried Kidney Beans

Dried beans should not be confused with canned or fresh beans. These dried beans- when stored in airtight packaging or sealed- can last forever. One downside of these dried beans is that they may take longer to cook and get soften. However, this doesn’t mean that their nutritional value diminishes. Beans are one of the easiest sources of protein to stock up long-term. They have naturally low wetness content and can last for years.

2 Salt

Whichever salt you prefer, sea salt or table salt never goes bad. You can happily sprinkle it on your food even if it has been sitting in your cabinet for years. The only precaution that you have to take is to keep it in a cool, dry place. Water should be kept miles away from salt and if that is done, you can keep your salt indefinitely. However, there is an exception to this too. You cannot keep one kind of salt for more than five years and that is iodized salt.

3 Honey

Though honey looks runny like water, it has surprisingly low water content. It is high on sugar and being a natural antibiotic, honey is safe to be consumed even after you find after centuries. Nutrition experts love honey because it has fewer calories than sugar. Though the honey that is kept for a long time may get granular, solid, or alter color, its antibiotic properties guard the taste and keep it from spoiling.

4 White Vinegar

White vinegar or vinegar which is usually used in pickles and for South Asian cooking is super acidic. This acidity keeps vinegar form going bad for a long time. You can easily buy it in bulk and store it. Raspberry vinegar, white vinegar, rice wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and red wine vinegar also don’t have expiration dates. According to the Vinegar Institute “Because of its acid nature, vinegar is self-preserving and does not need refrigeration.

5 Sugar


If you can keep your sugar away from water and heat, it can be kept forever. Granulated white sugar, white sugar cubes, raw sugar, brown sugar, crushed sugar, sugar replacement, Equal, and Sweet n Low all last for an indefinite period. Even if the sugar absorbs some moisture and becomes solid, a little tonk with the hammer is enough for it to crumble.

6 Maple Syrup

Pure Grade A syrup is the best source of natural sugars out there. It’s got a comparatively low glycemic index and also provides hint amounts of muscle-repairing manganese and anti-inflammatory compounds. It may remain edible forever if you buy large quantities of it and store it in the freezer or a fridge. One should always store sweet things in an airtight container in a clean place.

7 Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce has a very high content of salt in it and this keeps bacteria from growing in it. The older the soy sauce, the better taste soy sauce has. Sometimes, however, soy sauce may not taste that better when it was fresh. If stored correctly, hermetically sealed, soy sauce can be used even after three-four years. Also, high-quality ones can carry on longer.

8 Rice

The rice whether white or brown is perfectly fine to eat even if the container is dusty and dirty. There are many kinds of rice out on the market these days, but this applies to only white, wild, Arborio, jasmine and basmati rice. With brown rice, the oil content in it might make it go bad over time; therefore you have to store it in an airtight container, properly sealed and away from moisture.

9 Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee is one food that never goes bad, so don’t fret about the ‘elixir of life’ running out anytime soon. Instant coffee is actually the powdered version of the freshly brewed stuff and it means that all the moisture content has been removed from it. If the coffee is stored in an airtight container, it should last 3-4 years base on consumption.

10 Nuts

Nuts are excellent sources of protein and fiber and give instant energy. Most of the dried nuts are devoid of any moisture before they are packed and hence last longer than expected. Keep them in cool, dry places and if moisture doesn’t get in them, they can be eaten even after more than a year and if frozen, longer than that.

11 Canned meat and Seafood

Canned food is often treated with lots of sodium and has lots of salt in them to keep them from going bad. They are the best things to carry with yourself if you are planning to have food that doesn’t go bad in a day or two. Canned meat and even seafood are safe to eat if the packet has not been punctured or exposed to moisture. However, once the can is opened, the contents should be eaten as soon as possible.

12 Canned Coconut Milk

Another liquid that is canned is coconut milk. Coconut milk has very high saturated fat content, but these types of fat go bad very rarely and are highly stable. When canned coconut milk is sealed properly, it will resist spoiling for over a year.

13 Bouillon Cubes

Bouillon Cubes are made from high salt content and broth of strained beef, chicken, turkey, fish or vegetables. These ingredients have been dehydrated in order to preserve the flavors. Dried out herbs and seasonings are also added to the mixture. Thanks to the high salt content and because the whole thing else have been dehydrated, bouillon cubes can last indefinitely if stored properly.

14 Cornstarch

Cornstarch is used to thicken gravies and other food ingredients. Most of the time, it comes in a small box and lasts people for a very long time due to being used in very small quantities. To keep cornstarch for the foreseeable future, maintain it dry, strongly preserved and in a cool place. Always remember to store it in the exact same way after every use, which may not be frequently.

15 Pure Vanilla Extract

The vanilla extract we are talking about has to be ‘pure’. The pure vanilla extract is made from alcoholic substances and will continue to be fresh for a longer time and flavorful for as long as you have it. Store it in a cool dark place.

Source : Zeptha