The picture of everyday life in London was painfully and painfully painted by a painter named Natalya Lobanova. The cultural landscape of contemporary society and human perception is clearly illustrated and witty.

We have collected 21 of Natalya’s artwork, which will leave a deep impression on you.

21. The worst feeling ever

20. A very supportive spider

19. Ducks worry about their health too.

18. That’s what growing up is all about.

17. “At least normally my nose isn’t running…”

16. “That’s why I don’t drink water before bed.”

15. We all want to be an ingrown hair from time to time.

14. Daily routine

13. Doggos have their own key to happiness.

12. This happens to most girls twice a week.

11. The internet is so picky nowadays.

10. Nocturnal gremlin! Always!

9. Have you ever considered your bra’s feelings?

8. “Why is my body always against me?”

7. Winter season is coming…

6. Thanks, that’s really informative.

5. Eternal procrastination

4. “Hey, I don’t need this kind of help!”

3. The joys of life

2. This is the worst part of summer.

1. The major hummus ingredient

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Source: Brightside