Homelessness are very difficult but they are not so bored and lose their sense of humor. They are still funny when they meet passersby with their sharpness and ingenuity.

We have collected 15 photos to tell about their intelligence and humor

15. Sounds like a good deal.

14. Genius!

13. The best therapist in the city

12. The perfect crime!

11. Honesty is the best policy.

10. Who wins?

9. Please, donate now!

8. Look twice…

7. Only healthy food for pretty ballerinas!

6. I think he fully deserves our trust.

5. And too lazy to work.

4. At least you’ve got better style and a smile.

3. We’re all picky when it comes to food.

2. And he seems pretty serious about it.

1. Imagination is everything.

Have you ever taken a picture of a funny homeless sign? You’re welcome to share it with us in the comments!

Source: Brightside