Wazzzaaap?! We represent to your attention 19+ People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online.

We make all our best to make your day more sunny and funny. And now let’s go:

I Got This Tank Top On Amazon And They Sent Me A Dress. On The Plus Side It Does Make My Ass Look Great

Dinosaur Pillowcase

Beauty Products These Days

My Sister Ordered A Dress Online

I Saw $10 And Just Bought It

My Friend Ordered 50 Shades Of Grey On Ebay, This Is What She Received

I Knew I Was Taking A Gamble Ordering From Wish…. But Still, I Couldnt Stop Laughing When My Blanket Finally Arrived!


Still Dope Af

Bought New Shoes Online… Nice!

A Good Tip

This Scale

My Boss Ordered Chairs For The Break Room Last Year. He Did Not Get What He Expected

My Friend Ordered A Dustpan On Amazon…trying To Figure Out Where We Find A Broom To Match

These Shoes

I Can’t Handle This

I’m Never Ordering Online Again…

Shirt Online Vs. Reality…


Trust Me, I’m A Pepper

Kai Ordered This “Pillow Husky” On Ebay. It Came Today… Not Quite The Same As Advertised

And What About 20+ Oops Pics:

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