People are busy with work and everyday life. They have very little time to relax and enjoy the excitement of life. Sometimes a smile from strangers helps us dispel fatigue, have a more positive outlook, and make us better all day.

We have collected some images that help spread the emotions to everyone.

1. A woman helping a dog out of a flooded street

2. A lady brought lunch to this person begging.

3. A homeless man making a stray dog feel comfortable and loved

4. He reads out loud to his colleague during lunchtime because he doesn’t know how to read.

5. An officer who regularly takes time to visit sick children at the hospital and makes them smile

6. This was the best day for a little boy as this punk rocker let him touch the spikes on his jacket.


7. During regular patrolling, this police officer saw a small boy wearing torn socks and his foot, bleeding. He immediately did first aid and got a new pair of shoes for him.


8. A boy paid for this policeman’s breakfast and left a note on the bill that said, “I want to be you when I grow up.”


9. A boy parked his bike by this lamppost just about every day for a year. One morning, this sticker appeared.


10. Irish rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll visited a sick girl in a hospital with the Heineken Cup.

11. This elephant had the best day as he was taken around the zoo to meet other animals.


12. This man took out a homeless boy to McDonald’s as a treat from his first salary.

13. This terminally ill child was given the opportunity to fulfill his dream and be a policeman for a day by the city’s police department.

14. Someone helped protect a stranger’s car from getting filled with rainwater.

15. A boy’s family created a special wheelchair so he could feel the waves in the ocean.

This was a journey of heartwarming gestures done by regular people. Do you also know someone who has made someone else’s day? Please share it with us in the comments below.

Source: Brightside