I’m a man.

There, I said it. I just wanted to get that out there right off the bat, here! As such, I have never once experienced a period firsthand, but I have experienced literally thousands secondhand! As a little brother (four sisters), a son, a boyfriend and an employee at an Irish pub in a college town (30 female coworkers…), I have had my ass whooped more times than I can count, and most often I probably deserved it. That being said, the intense…discomfort…women experience during that most special time of the month is an oft-used source for men’s amusement.

Sue us, we don’t deal with it so we really have no frame to gauge that your blowout responses to minimal issues is actually warranted, or that you’ve been to the bathroom 14 times since breakfast.

It’s mostly harmless, but I feel ya when you get mad at us for it. That’s why I’m here today to bridge that gap a little and, by highlighting some of the big issues, educate the guys and give the ladies a giggle. If you are reading this on your period, I hope it helps. If not, comment and I’ll mail you some chocolate!

1. Trust us, ladies, you’re not the only one SORE about this part of the deal! Though you definitely have it WAY worse, we’re sorry, oh god…here’s some chocolate!

2. Did the office EVER have plumbing issues, though?

3. Your body is punishing you for being a responsible young adult and not having a baby you can’t afford. Doesn’t seem to fit the crime, does it?

4. No matter how sweet it is, everyone treats you like a ticking time bomb!

5. Definitely got the short end of the stick on that one…sorry ladies, we’ll try to keep the objectification to a minimum!

6. It really is difficult for the men in your life to truly understand, so you can never stop trying to explain!

7. This is the time that men most understand the period issue, because we get that frantic “I’m late” text and we roll into the same fetal ball you’re in!


8. Being certain that death is imminent once a month can’t be fun!

9. Now not only are you a TRAITOR, but you have to do laundry!

10. You can’t take your uterus ANYWHERE!

11. Everyone becomes a damn comedian at the EXACT wrong time!

12. This one is actually terrifying…that’s the most badass 100% ever!

13. Surprise! Did you…MISS ME!

14. Always gotta plan ahead!

15. This explains why girls in white shorts always seem so happy!

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