How do you define a cat? For many people, they are human’s best friends with less enthusiastic compared to their competitors (or sometimes companions!), dogs. This feline creature loves to be lazy, sits whenever and wherever it wants and come for dinner when it’s time for it. But, could there be cat conspiracy going on? I mean, look at these pictures! These cats know what they are doing and some of them got caught on smartphones. From laying the neighbor’s cat to being sleepy 98% of the time, convince me otherwise if they are not humans in disguise!

#1 I shouldn’t have stolen that fish

#2 I am sexy and I know it

#3 No, I’m not to be stepped on.

#4 Sims 4 logic be like.

#5 Son, you don’t know who you’re facing against.

#6 And that, son, was how I turned into a meme.

#7 Love it too much to let go.

#8 Very embarrassed right now, so can you please let me down?

#9 Warm and shiny, befitting my royal ass.

#10 That facepalm moment.

#11 Mood.

#12 And we automatically think that cats just know the way.

#13 After years of meditation in the ultimate sleeping position.

#14 Fabulous costume for this Halloween.

#15 Then, explain the reason to get two beds if not this.

#16 When you are too short to reach the high shelf.

#17 Cats and their curiosity will plug your car.

#18 Let’s not tell him what it’s for.

#19 Yoga at its best.

#20 Bruh, seriously?! Get this furry outta ‘ere!

#21 If it fits, why not.

#22 Cuteness overload.

#23 The perfect hiding spot.

#24 Singing Uptown gets me excited like.

#25 Why… How could you?! After all these years, I thought we had an understanding!

#26 I wiped my tears and stress with that.

#27 Me during winter.

#28 Cat hairstyle 2018

#29 This isn’t what you think it is. No, stop taking pictures!

#30 Afternoon nap.

#31 Has anyone saw that alien movie yet? This is the language of time.

Source: allowcopy