Russia is home to just three things: vodka, Vladimir Putin, and unsettlingly strange photography. Previously, we’ve featured bizarre pics from Russian dating websites, but it turns out that getting married doesn’t stop Russian from gettin’ weird. Far from it.

This gallery of 15 Russian wedding photos, originally compiled by Bored Panda, will either make you want to get married immediately, or swear off marriage forever. We’re not saying everyone in Russia takes photos like this. We’re not even saying many Russians do. Whether you wanna call it a trend, an isolated phenomenon, or an outbreak of collective insanity, we just hope it continues.

1. Centaur Stage

They’re so lucky they found each other!

2. Loafers

They insisted on having a traditional bread impaling.

3. Thumbelina

Makes for an interesting wedding night!

4. The Little Mermaid

The boudoir photography place was booked.

5. Rappel To My Heart

I’m just glad he got the correct hotel room.

6. Genie In A Bottle

If you drink enough, all your wishes will come true.

7. Eight Ball, Side Pocket

Hey, it’s cheaper than a vasectomy.

8. Subtle

Honestly, if you’re gonna do that metaphor, the best fruit to use is the papaya.

9. When Chickens Fly

They said they wanted to serve salmon at their wedding dinner, but the caterer heard “salmonella.”

10. The Wedding Singer

There’s a reason he’s known as “The Russian Justin Timberlake.”

11. The Mother-In-Law

Taken moments before Mom punched out the carriage horse.

12. Uhh…

Pictured: the Russian wedding tradition where the groom examines the bride’s pelvic floor.

13. Love Is Dead

And there are no suspects.

14. They Make Beautiful Music

Something tells me his o-face is the same as his cello-face.

15. That’s A Keeper

“Grandma, can we look at your wedding photos?”

Source: Awkward