The world has its unique a way to surprise us each and every day by something or the other. You can’t deny the fact that you get to learn something new with each passing day and that means we’re growing and developing continually, even though sometimes in subtle ways. Growth is important, allowing yourself to get new information is important and, well, staying curious is even more important.

With all the new information that the world has to offer, there are some that just makes you wonder “how is this even possible?!” And especially some things that we might not have known were this big until now. You can’t really appreciate the sheer size of something unless something familiar is placed alongside it for comparison. Like, have you ever seen the saltwater croc? or fully inflated horse lungs? So here we have compiled a list of a few things that are even bigger than you thought!

#1 A Wombat fully grown

#2 A Leatherback sea turtle

#3 Giant African Land Snail

#4 This is how many earth can fit inside the sun

#5 Well, did you know it?

#6 A blue whale’s heart

#7 Modern cruise ship Vs. Titanic

#8 Eagle’s claw Vs. Human Hand

#9 The largest known flying animal Quetzalcoatlus Northropi model and 1.8m guy!

#10 This is how a completely inflated horse lungs looks

#11 The Great Pyramid Of Giza

#12 A Moose

#13 A Humback Whale

#14 Coyotes size compared to wolf

#15 A Bus

#16 If moon was replaced by the planet Saturn

#17 A traffic light

#18 That’s a road sign!

#19 Michaelangelo’s David

#20 The salt water crocodile

#21 This is one of the props that was used in the LOTR films for close ups

#22 Gorilla’s hand compared to a human’s hand

#23 World’s largest tree

#24 Wind turbine blade

#25 Adult wolf and wild boar skull

#26 A seven feet tall guy and Yao Ming

#27 Comet and the city of LA

#28 Giant oceanic manta ray

#29 These are the claws of a bear

#30 When you compare the moon and the United States

#31 The difference in the size between $10,000 in 1’s, and 100’s

#32 400,000 volt underground cable’s size when compared to a human hand

Source: allowcopy