While people generally live in regular looking brick and mortar homes that are fairly normal, the world is filled with absolutely jaw dropping homes that feature inspiring structure, artistic composition and design. These are all beautiful and ingeniously envisioned homes that win owing to their unique appeal.

There’s everything from bubble homes to shoe shaped homes to seashell homes that dazzle. And you’ll also see the world’s smallest house, in addition to a skateboarding home. If that’s not enough, cliff homes, glass bottom homes and Flintstone houses give you a delightful glimpse of the world’s artistic ingenuity.

Here are some of the most jaw dropping homes that totally defy your imagination as well as reality. Of course, you’ll get a ton of ideas for your own homes too. Indulge, we say! Go on and witness these marvels that are one of a kind.

1. Seashell House

Nestled in Mexico, the Seashell House is replete with stunning mosaic walls that light up in dazzling colors for one of the most visually captivating light and color show you’ll ever see in a home. Shaped like a Seashell, the home is as breathtaking from inside as it appears from out. The seashell house is aesthetically charming, and wins for its sheer designing and decorating ingenuity. Cute as a bottom, gorgeous as a bombshell. It’s magnificently unique.

2. Bubble House

Originally owned by world famous designer Pierre Cardin, the bubble house features three pools and a gorgeous 500-seater amphitheatre in a surreal looking backdrop of the azure Mediterranean Sea. This one luxurious bubble that isn’t bursting any time soon! Our love for bubbles has only grown with this one.

3. Flint stone House

Designed as a replica of the home in The Flintstone series, this house originally belonged to Dick Clark. It has a single bedroom, a couple of bathroom and each item in the home appears to created out of stone, giving it a nice primitive touch. You not just go back several eras but also witness spectacular aesthetics here. Time to go back to your childhood days!

4. Converted Airplane House

Joanne Ussery originally owned a mobile abode on a property that she had purchased adjacent to a pristine lake. However, when the structure burned, she purchased the abandoned Boeing 727, and converted it into a unique and stunning looking aircraft home. Truly ingenious! Who wouldn’t want to experience the feeling of flying while still being on terra firma? Yes, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you are actually flying, it’s a such a brilliant replica.

5. Mushroom House

The Mushroom House appeared regular looking when architect and designer Terry Brown purchased it. Along with around 35 students, he devoted a few years adding plenty of whimsical artistic touches to the structure to make it look outstandingly unique. Now that’s one mushroom that you’ll love digging into.

6. Winchester Mystery House

This legendary house is filled with odd features and an innately quirky appeal. There are doors that lead to no place and stairways that take you straight into the ceiling. The best part about this home? It is open to the public unlike many other homes. Plus there are plenty of entertaining of popular culture traces.

7. World’ Tiniest Home

Designed by a German refugee who wasn’t used in living in a lot of space, the world’s tiniest home is merely three squared feet, just about enough to sit or lie down a tad too uncomfortably. The world’s smallest home is probably its most intriguing one owing to the sheer ingenuity. This one is compact yet appealing.

8. Habitat 67

The sprawling housing complex was designed by Israeli-Canadian architect genius Moshe Safdie in the city of Montreal, Canada. Habitat 67 features 354 similar looking prefabricated homes arranged in a variety of combinations to create a dozen stories. Cumulatively, these units form 146 homes of different configurations, each of them created out of a single or multiple concrete units.

9. Cube House

Each of the cube homes has multiple floors with pyramid style rooms. Dutch architect Pier Blom envisioned it to resemble a forest along the lines of abstract art or contemporary art trees. Oh, and it’s aesthetically spectacular! Well, it is so goods, you’ll actually want to go in there and start exploring each cube like area.

10. Vertiginous Cliff House

While it hasn’t been erected yet, the concept was envisioned to be that of a home that suspends from the edge of a dramatic cliff. The icing on the cake was the glass walls, offering a splendid view of the ocean on all sides. The roof and ground level were supposed to be one, which means visitors will have to bend lower to access the lowest levels.

11. Skateboard House

Predictably owned by an erstwhile champion skater, the Skateboard House has the distinction of being the only house in the world, where every inch of inside and outside surface can be skated upon. Now that’s a real sporting champion home. Oh! And did we mention that not just the house but the furniture can also be skated upon? What are you waiting for? Get your skateboards out and make a way to this sporty home that will help you get into skating action quickly and easily.

12. Upside -Down House

“Die Welt steht kopf” in Trassenheide is a home that actually stands upside down, on its roof. This house is open to visitors in Germany. Witness its quirky architectural detailing and gravity defying design. It literally looks like the house has recently upturned. This Istagram worthy home has also been the backdrop of several trending pictures on viral sites.

13. Sliding House

The complete timber exterior of this English house can quickly slide on like a huge sunroof, instantly showing off its glass panel exteriors below, which make for a unique and spectacular sight.

14. Teapot House

Although, it isn’t presently operational currently or has any inhabitants occupying it, the Teapot House is built as a gas station in 1922, which still stands in its own unique, cute and charming way. It’s charming, vintage, straight out of a children’s story book look truly makes it a one of a kind home. Well, the only minus of ever living here is you’ll always think is teatime.

15. Shoe House

This roadhouse attraction has undergone several changes in ownership. However, it is currently open seasonally for guided tours, owing to its highly unique and quirky appeal. Shaped in the form of a shoe, it looks as splendid from outside as it does from within.

Source: Addtobucketlist.