Whether it’s Monday or Friday, I just know you’re beyond ready for the weekend to arrive.

I dream about Saturdays the same way Michael Jordan dreamed about being in the NBA.

I live for a Sunday sleep-in with more fervor than the dude chasing down his dream girl in an airport at the end of any romcom.

Enjoy these funny photos meant to give you a chuckle!

1. I’ve been laughing at this for way too long.

Seriously, I want to go back to school just to become a teacher and do this.

2. When your mom uses voice-to-text while driving…

3. How to lose your kids’ trust in three easy steps.

4. Ah, yes, the hipster’s bane.

They’re so determined to be the first one with the hip reference, yet they don’t know how to wait for a plot twist…

What’s that? You want more?!

5. Hmm. Is a caption even necessary here?

Blah, blah, blah, overcompensating for something, blah, blah, blah.

6. Buying this shirt for date night makes for a super unimpressed wife.

7. Gotta admit, a good pun is a good pun.

I also love when time and thought has been put into the pun. They had to design the sign, have it made, installed, all for the pun. My heart is full.

8. What better way to sell your used junk than by advertising it with a used up meme?

If I’m not making you feel like this by now, then we’re doing good!

9. “Started dating someone seriously for the first time since high school, so it begins…”

10. Me, every single day of my life.

Actually, I’m legit working from home right now and facing this very crisis.

11. …But…but how? Is this real life?

12. Let’s just get down to brass tacks.

When you tell your friends you’re going to stop procrastinating and be a responsible adult…

13. ONE guess who just saw Mad Max: Fury Road.

Also one guess who took a swift and prompt trip to the hospital after this photo was taken.

14. How heavy is your cat, dude?!

Not to fat shame, but she seems a bit more than just big-boned.

15. Seriously, hasn’t Rocky Road had a hard enough life already?

This is the last thing it needs…

16. I hear they have some rock-solid evidence to place an arrest.

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Do it for dat chin…

Source: Diply