Even the most macho, beard-growin’, beer-drinkin’, truck-drivin’, muscle-totin’ manly man will immediately turn into a little baby when they catch a cold. I know I’m guilty of it, but I’m basically a giant, bearded baby to begin with.

Today we’re having a laugh with these poor guys and sharing some sympathy with the women who have to take care of ’em!

1. So, I guess we should begin by defining our terms.

We can’t just call it what it is without adding “man” on it. So, just like the man bun, we have the “man flu.”

2. Of course, when the man flu strikes, it means that the women in our lives actually have it worse.

3. It’s different when she’s sick versus when we’re sick! You girls are way tougher than us.

It’s not that we suck, it’s just that you’re so much better at doing things, honest! 😅

4. I think this little comic strip sums it up quite nicely.

Women can get stuff done — hopefully, one of the things they do is prepare our coffin, ’cause we’re gonna die soon!

5. It doesn’t matter the time or place, I think we just like having something “legitimate” to whine about for a change.

Yeah, yeah, you got stuff going on too… Feel bad for meeee!

6. Honestly, I can’t believe some of the things they’ll put up with. How have you not just smothered us to death already?

Not that I want to give you any ideas!!!

7. Even if you’re not around, we’ll find a way to bug you! Technology really helps us out in this matter.

Like, I know I’ve been complaining all day, but here’s a snap to remind you!

8. You would think that somehow, women could relate to such suffering…but, alas, I don’t think they’ll ever know.

BTW, the sarcasm is strong here, I hope you’re getting that.

9. You might think we’re just acting pathetic and could easily get over it, but to us, it’s real! It’s so real.

The violin is necessary. I want to go out majestically.

10. Of course, there are times when guys can start to help themselves, but our methods are a bit different.

I’m pretty sure donuts are the answer to most things, so…

11. It’s not that we don’t try to take our medicine, it’s just that we know our bodies more than anyone else, so we know what’s best.

This is like medicine, right?! 😅

12. Thing is, we like being pampered every so often, so most of the time we’re going to let it go for as long as possible.

Might as well just stay on the couch forever!

13. Women seem to have all kinds of ways to deal with a cold. Sadly, us men simply suffer and probably die.

Of course, we don’t suffer in silence! You’ll know all about it.

14. If we’re online, it’s probably to warn our loved ones about our imminent doom.

It’s also always good to get the internet’s opinion on your final resting place. Might as well do it now!

15. And honestly, I don’t blame any woman for getting out there and moving on. We’re as good as dead anyway.

Good luck out there, we’ll miss you. Also, pass me a beer?

16. But, if on the strange, off chance that this man does survive the dreaded “man flu,” he deserves an award, amirite?

That mug on the bottom right corner should be just perfect!

Source: Lifestyle