This world isn’t just about boundaries between countries. Our planet is so huge and diverse that there are many unusual criteria we can use to compare different parts of it.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at the world depicted in unusual maps that reveal some very interesting facts.

16. The world divided into 7 regions, each with a population of 1 billion

15. Average working hours per week in Europe

14. A map of cities founded by the Roman Empire

13. Incredible Antarctica

12. International dialogue

11. All countries that use the MMDDYYYY format

10. Average age per country in Europe

9. The first day of the week in different countries

The blue color stands for Sunday, yellow stands for Monday, and green stands for Saturday.

8. Different countries’ climate analogs in Australia (the main part)

7. European population below the poverty line

6. The world of time zones

5. The highest temperature ever recorded in Europe

4. The percentage of more and less emotional people in the world

3. The number of US dollar billionaires in Europe

The number in the bottom row is the actual number of billionaires, the number in the upper row is the number of US dollar billionaires per 10 million people.

2. A map in which each section has 10% of the world’s population

1. Countries that don’t use the metric system

Which map is the most interesting? Tell us your opinions in the comments!

Source: Brightside