Accidents happen in life, but they’re not all created equally. And hey, if you’re going to do something, do it big, right? I know that’s the way I usually do it — I can’t just spill a mug of coffee, it has to be the whole pot. If I’m going to fumble anything coming up the stairs from the basement, it will be the basket of clean laundry, for sure, and it will land in the cat litter.

Mind you, as bad as those scenarios are, they’re nothing compared to the messes the folks below have gotten themselves into. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to clean these things up? Where would you even begin?

1. When aircraft maintenance is anything but routine.

2. Most people just write their names in fresh concrete.

3. Another good argument for ramps — or, you know, staying on the road.

4. I think this driver is going to be late.

5. Usually, you use something smaller to test the thickness of the ice.

6. Hopefully, not coming soon to a McDonald’s near you.

7. In case there was any confusion, tanks get the right of way every time.

8. There must be a good story to go with this one.

9. Not sure insurance will cover this one.

10. Maybe it will be easier for the truck to become the new section of the bridge.

11. The timing just couldn’t have been worse.

12. Don’t think that will just buff out.

13. Guess this bus didn’t quite make the grade.

14. If you thought losing a wheel on your car was expensive, just imagine what it would be for one of these.

15. That is one strong sign.

16. Awful as it is, tipping a truck full of hot asphalt sealant could have been much, much worse.

Source: Lifestyle