Have you ever wanted to own this sculpted gorgeous edge stiletto nail design and wonder how these manicure get their perfect shape? They are sculpted and created using acrylic powder. It may need some special tools and materials. I think although it will not able for you to do housework or working, they look so luxury and perfect for a date or formal party.

Here are 15 wonderful stiletto nail art designs. Let’s pick up at least one design for your nails in a special party. You will not dissatisfy with it.

Colorful on Black French Manicure.

This design is perfect for a party hold on the beach.

A simple purple nail and gem.

Matte black edge stiletto nail.

Luxury nail with black spider multiple and rhinestones in other size.

If you have short nails but want this nail art design, use false nails here.

Your nails will be more sparkling at a night party.

Funny fruit nail art idea for a summer holiday.

Transparent nail art is elegant