There is a story behind every photo and some photos can tell us so much more than words and can move us more than a convincing story.

Bright Side has collected photos that will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

1. A tattoo to commemorate a lasting friendship

2. A refugee with a child

Roshid Jan, a Rohingya refugee who said she is not sure about her age, cries holding her son Muhammad Gyab at their shelter at the camp for widows and orphans inside the Balukhali camp near Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, December 5, 2017. Roshid Jan, who walked for 10 days with her five children to Bangladesh after soldiers burnt their village, wept when she spoke about her missing husband. The religious leader in their Phansi village in Myanmar’s Rakhine state was accused of being a member of the Rohingya militants and arrested 11 months ago, she said. She had not seen him or heard about his fate since then. Now she lives with her five children and more than 230 others at camp for Rohingya widows and orphans. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj SEARCH “ROHINGYA WIDOWS” FOR THIS STORY. SEARCH “WIDER IMAGE” FOR ALL STORIES. TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RC18D4C24600

3. A man with Down Syndrome going to the first job interview of his life

4. “My boyfriend and I got a puppy 2 weeks ago. Today I left him for the first time to start college classes, and my boyfriend sent me this.”

5. A man selling sweets in a city destroyed by war

6. Through thousands of years: a girl and a figure of a Neanderthal in a museum

7. A man saving animals during heavy rain

A local, carrying a dog in his jacket, holds a cat he saved from a tree, following a heavy rainfall in the town of Mandra, Greece, November 15, 2017. REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis – RC1683F0A020

8. A temple caretaker watching a volcano eruption in Bali

9. An eagle mistook a drone for prey.

A golden eagle grabs a flying drone during a military training exercise at Mont-de-Marsan French Air Force base, Southwestern France, February 10, 2017. REUTERS/Regis Duvignau TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RC1D6E43E220

10. “French soldier hugging a little girl while evacuating Saint Martin.”

11. An Afgan boy sells boiled eggs

An Afghan boy selling boiled eggs waits for customers at a coal dump site on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan March 7, 2017.REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RC1388462DE0

12. Love that is 80 years old

13. Friends who share everything

14. “My father died unexpectedly recently. Before he got cremated, I took a photo of one of his tattoos. I went and got my own version of it in memory of him.”

15. “These kids from daycare saying their last goodbyes before going to different elementary schools.”

16. Legendary athlete Usain Bolt and his fans

Usain Bolt of Jamaica shakes hands with fans after winning the men’s 200 metres final during the 15th IAAF World Championships at the National Stadium in Beijing, China, August 27, 2015. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – GF10000184301

17. A really disturbing image of what our planet might look like if we don’t change our methods

20 Mar 2007, Jakarta, Indonesia — A young Indonesian boy collects plastics from a raft from a polluted river in Jakarta. The Indonesian government predicts that the total number of Indonesia’s unemployed will rise by one million this year from last year’s figure of 10.8 million people. The government said it is optimistic that 1.5 million new jobs will be created this year, but this figure will not be enough to swallow up all of the 2.5 million job seekers. — Image by © Jurnasyanto Sukarno/epa/Corbis

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Source : Brightside