‘Tis the season, as they say!

‘Tis the time we get together with family and friends to celebrate the holidays and argue with each other over election results!

So if you’re dreading surviving the holidays with your family, check out these gems that might make you feel a bit more normal…

1. And people say “love at first sight” isn’t a thing.

2. Carpool lane success!

3. Come dine with us!

4. Aww, father-son Movember challenge?

I hope.

5. It’s a hard life for a kid.

6. I can’t tell if that’s laughter or pure mania.

7. Just a regular family Christmas card.

8. Ah yes, the classic telling of the Thanksgiving Story.

9. When you see the fourth face…

10. They fit together like puzzle pieces!

11. Someone’s over it.

12. This doesn’t look like a merry Christmas at all!

13. The holidays are all about bringing family together.

14. Now you can wear your awkward family to important events!

15. When the fam is lowkey shunning you.

16. Table for two, please.

17. He’s got her in the palm of his hand.

Did these make your family feel more normal? Pass it on to your friends!

Source: Diply.