Things have changed drastically over the past few decades. Personally, I believe it all had to do with the rapid development of technology.

For us, the people who grew up in the era of technology, it’s quite difficult to imagine what life was like 50 or more years ago. But back then, people had no idea about the inventions that would definitely make their life easier. However, I like to believe some things were better back in the old days. For example, I love it when my mom tells me how her relationship with my dad began, and how when he joined the one-year military training, the two would exchange handwritten love letters with one another.

Nowadays, you just DM someone and they get the message as soon as they connect to the internet. I know communication is much easier now, and way better, but there’s something about handwritten love letters that simply wins my heart over.

However, I also believe that technology didn’t influence our life in positive aspects. Below you can find some pictures that depict precisely what technology has done to us.

1. Natural opinions

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2. Hungry Pikachu

Source: © Marian Kamensky / facebook

3. Activating social media

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4. Putting down roots.

Source: Johnholcroftillustration

5. Stance on media depression

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6. Do you recognize yourself?! I’m in the middle…

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7. There’s more to life than likes.

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8. Happiness kit

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9. Does spellcheck work yet?

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10. Lemmings

Source: Electroperro

11. Alone together

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12. “Evolution”

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13. Shall we dance?

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14. Carry your cross.

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15. Social media trap

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16. Consumers

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17. Make your choice.

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