Ah, the joys of sex. The enjoyment of love-making is the one thing the entire world can agree upon. But sometimes, there’s a slight glitch.

What do you do when your partner isn’t as vested in lovemaking as you are at a particular time? It happens, doesn’t it? Probably more than you want it to. Maybe, there’s a way you can prompt your partner to become a more active participant when passion steals your mood.

The truth is there are at least 17 reasons why you and you partner should be playing every day. With any luck, the information listed below might just be the key to getting your partner motivated for amour.

1. Relationship Building

Consistently throughout history, studies have shown that intimacy is an essential part of a relationship. Sex is a means of communicating care and affection between two people. If you think about it, your relationship probably feels strained when intimacy wavers.

2. Improves Sleep

Any kind of physical exertion before bedtime will tend to make you sleepy. Add the fact sex tends to relax your mind and body, and it’s a good bet love making will make the perfect glass of warm milk.

3. Check in on the Libido

After a prolonged period of abstinence, you might begin to wonder if your libido is still intact. The good news is there’s one sure way find out. If you are making love frequently, you’ll have no doubts.

4. Men Only – Lower Risk of Prostrate Cancer

Frequent sex and ejaculation are great ways to help keep a man’s plumbing system working as it should.

5. Helps Heart Health

The heart is the most important muscle in the body. The physical exertion from sex keeps that muscle moving, which helps to combat heart diseases and conditions.

6. Helps Lower Blood Pressure

People are always looking for ways to control their blood pressure. Sex is good for the circulatory system because it helps create a strong flow of blood from one part of the body to another. I guess you know where it flows.

7. Mood Control

When people struggle with intimacy in their relationships, it tends to adversely affect their disposition and mood. Frequent sex sessions will give you more confidence and help you stay alert and happy.

8. Reduces Stress

Day to day living creates a lot of stress. The stress can come from the kids, work or something a mundane as getting stuck in traffic. Sex at the end of a long day can wash away all that built up stress.

9. Reduce Pain

During sex, endorphins are released into the body. These endorphins create feelings of pleasure and euphoria. In the process, these same endorphins block pain receptors, which reduces pain. If you don’t believe it, try having sex the next time you have a headache. Better yet, the next time your partner says they have a headache, you can tell them you have the perfect cure.

10. Strengthens the Immune System

Again, sex increases blood flow throughout your body. This keeps antibodies building in your system for the purpose of fighting viruses and germs that cause medical problems.

11. Great Exercise

Raucous sex is as good as any workout you will get at the gym. The more you work it, the better your body is going to feel. A good long love making session will also burn off a lot of calories.

12. Keeps You Looking and Feeling Younger

Youth is a state of mind. People who have frequent sex tend to feel younger, which usually translates to them also looking younger. There’s actually some studies that indicate active lovers look significantly younger than others in their age group.

13. Help Alleviate Depression

Depression is a major problem among people who are unhappy with their lives. A good sex life improves one’s outlook on life, which alleviates depression.

14. Increase Longevity

It’s easy to forget sex is a biological function. As such, important hormones are released during the act. These hormones promote better skin and overall health. FYI: One such hormone is called dehydroepiandrosterone. Any word that long has to be important.

15. Increase Blood Circulation

This is an important benefit of sex, making it worth mentioning at least this one more time.

16. Heightens Sensitivity

After sex, you wake up all your nerve endings and become ultra-sensitive to the stimuli around you. This is a very good thing.

17. It’s Fun and Feels Great

If your partner is still not convinced sex is a good thing right now, just remind them how great it’s going to feel if they join you in bed.

Hopefully, this information will help create a sex life that exceeds your wildest expectations. Let us know how it goes when you pass it along to that one special person.

Source: Healthybeautiful