It’s that time of year again! Is your house ready? Here’s a roundup of the most spectacular ideas we could find to help your home stand out from all the rest.
In fact, one of the ideas below was so good that a neighbor actually called 911 because they thought it was a real murder scene. I guess that’s one way to know for sure you have the most realistic setup.

My favorite from the list below is definitely the gigantic pumpkin head scarecrow. Now that is just so much fun!

1. Live Action Plants Vs. Zombies

2. Famous Celebrity Graves Of The Future

3. A Life-Size Jurassic Park And King King

4. Be Quiet, The Monsters Are Watching!

5. This Decoration Caused A 9-11 Call

6. The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror

7. The ‘Pumpkin King’ House

8. A Party Rock Halloween Light Show

9. This House Is A Flashback To The 80’s

10. Almost-Realistic Alien Crash Site

11. Life Size Transformers Make A Great Halloween Decoration. Is This Michael Bay’s House?

12. More Monster Silhouettes In The Windows

13. What A Creepy Graveyard!

14. Dj Jazzy Death And His Crew

15. Every Horror Movie Ever

16. Every Inflatable You Can Buy

17. The Lazy Mans Guide To Decorating For Halloween

After seeing so many impressive things, how about something simple and funny?

Source: Diycozyhome.