Sometimes (okay a lot of the times), you stumble upon a person on the internet and you’re like wow, that life looks like the bee’s knees. But then on some days like today, you find pictures that remind you that your own life is pretty good and it could be going much, much worse. It’s all about balance.

1. Hopefully you’ve taken much better pictures of any special, celestial event

You wouldn’t know it, but this isn’t just a picture of clouds. Well, it is. But it’s meant to be a picture of a very special Blood Moon, which sounds gorgeous, but who knows.

Is this a joke or was there actual effort put in here?

It would be a clever joke for sure because we (as in the internet and hopefully you, too) totally fell for it. I just want to see the moon but where is it at?!

2. So imagine finally going to do a little upgrade on your house, and then coming home from work to see that this is what’s going down

Not exactly the progress that anyone wants to see! Unless you wanted a skylight, then in that case, this is just a shortcut.

I know that gravity probably played a large part in this and we can’t really blame science, but how the heck did this happen?!

And what are the owners going to do?! I just want to know what their reaction was. Does that make me a bad person?

3. Having this powdery explosion, when all you wanted was a cup of hot chocolate

But looking on the bright side — at least the spill happened before the hot water was in the picture.

4. At least you’re seeing what I’m typing right now instead of finding this up on your screen

I can say I’ve had this happen to me and I can promise that it sucks and mostly leads to you staring at the jumbled screen helplessly.

5. I’m sure you’re like me and mean something totally different when you say you want scrambled eggs

But also, why are there so many eggs? Who keeps that many lying around?

If I were there, I would just crack a lot of egg jokes to, you know, lighten the mood

And I’m almost positive that would make it worse, but can you blame me?

6. You could be this woman who just didn’t clue in

But at least she basically matches the paint, so maybe it didn’t end all that bad? My question is, who took this picture instead of telling her?!

7. You’ll now be grateful that you can get into all your files

Having your lock just break off randomly probably doesn’t happen very often, but I’m sure when it does, you’ll hate every minute of it.

8. Needing help and having this instead

Have an emergency? Nah, you’re golden! There’s nothing more worrisome then seeing important things out of service. Well, okay, needing it when it’s broken is more worrisome.

Like what if this is what you were facing?

You might laugh, but parking garages are a scary, scary place. But maybe I’ve just seen IT too many times.

9. I’m all for extra protein, but not in my candy

I mean, sure they can add an extra crunch, but I’d just rather not. At least they caught it before eating it.

10. This could have been what you woke up to this morning

There’s waking up on the wrong side of the bed and then there’s this: waking up with your entire kitchen on the wrong side.

11. The worst part is my urge would be to drive away from this terrifying infestation

BUT YOU CAN’T! What on Earth could attract that many bees?! I would just go ahead and sell the car.

I see one bee and I’m out.

I see this many, and I’m about ready to live in a bubble and never go outside again.

12. Paying over $10 for pizza annnnd getting served this

Does this even count as pizza? It looks like a piece of bread upside down with some sauce slapped on top. And so small!

13. I wouldn’t want this to happen to me in this life or from beyond the grave

I don’t want any part of this accident. Which I can only hope and pray was staged because if not, that car is going to be haunted forever, I’m sure of it.

14. You are probably so happy that this is not your car

And really, hopefully anyone that you know. I don’t know what happened to make this mess and I am so very okay with that.

And imagine being the person whose job it is to clean this up???

15. You probably make it home every day without managing to fall through a grate of any sort

Tbh my leg would not fit through there, so I never have to worry about such a thing.

16. Your dog didn’t leave treats around the house that look like anything but treats

Yup, imagine trying to entertain guests and having these little fellas all around the house. Still want a dog?

17. At least you’re not the person who innocently thought that this was icing

They thought this was a tray that was used to make cinnamon buns. Sadly, it was a tray that was used to make bacon. And that bad boy is full of grease.

This is why you always ask and never assume which food has been made.

Too many things look eerily similar, and one swipe of that congealed grease is enough to make you never trust a tray again.

Source : Lifestyle