– A 17-year-old has gotten the attention of netizens after she designe her own graduation ball gown

– She also sew it herself and personally hand-painted 80 flowers on her gown

– Netizens saw a huge potential in the girl and she has received a lot of DMs from those who want to commission her to work on a design for them

The Philippines may have witnessed another future Pinoy fashion designer in the international scene.

KAMI learned that Ciara Gan, a 17-year-old girl, designed, sewed, stoned and hand-painted her own graduation ball gown.

She was very ecstatic when she finally posted the final outcome of her hard work.

According to Ciara’s tweet, she hand-painted 80 flowers on her emerald green graduation ball gown.

She was able to do this with the help fo her mother. In two weeks, she was able to come up with a masterpiece.

The young teen also posted photos on how she worked on her gown.

Ciara’s has already gone viral and even earned a commendation from Fox 5 DC where it stated in its tweet: “More A #DIY QUEEN!! @ciaragan said forget store bought, we’re bringing this vision to life. The young artist spent countless hours on the masterpiece and the end result had her looking like royalty.”

The girl also admitted at having received a lot of DMs asking her to do gowns for them.

With the talent and dedication this girl has, she will surely have a bright future ahead of her.

Source: Kami