Pregnancy may be a life-changing journey for a woman, but it is no less a challenge for her husband too, especially dealing with the quirks of his pregnant wife. Here are 18 struggles that husbands deal with for their pregnant wives:

1. The Hospital Run

As much as man hates to visit a hospital, he’ll reluctantly, if not gladly, tag along with his wife to every one of those innumerable hospital visits.

2. Unpredictable Health

Be it waiting on her while she throws up in the sink, steadying her during bouts of dizziness to attending to her general fatigue, a husband is always by her side.

3. Relaxing Those Nerves

Pregnancy not only stresses out a woman physically, but could emotionally. Regardless of how it affects him, a husband ensures his wife gets some much-needed TLC – tender loving care, to relax herself.

4. Food Cravings And Aversions

From ordering a cheesy pizza she usually abhors to refusing her favorite dish which he’s loving cooked, a pregnant woman’s food cravings and aversions can really drive her husband crazy.

5. No Home-Cooked Food

After days or years of relishing his wife’s cooking, the husband is hit one of the hardest when his wife isn’t able to cook anymore. Worst still, he has to endure the cringe-worthy junk food to fend for himself.

6. Mood Swings

Swinging from laugh-a-minute-riot to a depressed soul, all in a matter of few minutes, a husband doesn’t find his wife ‘normal’ anymore.

7. The New Shopaholic

He may have never accompanied his wife to many of her shopping sprees, but this is one, big shopping appointment he can ignore- hunt for the perfect onesie for the newborn – lest he’ll be declared a bad father!

8. Channelizing The Inner Bookworm

Pregnancy books are not only for women, but can also be his unexpected guide to handling her unpredictable quirks. So, don’t be surprised when he swaps his Friday nights-out to burn the midnight oil for these books.

9. The Grooming Sessions

Painting her toes when she’s unable to bend over, pulling her hair back in a neat ponytail or helping her dress before heading to one of her appointments, a husband helps his wife look her best even on days when she’s feeling her worst.

10. Those Days When He Doesn’t Get It…

She may feel cold while sleeping, and when covered, gets hot and sweaty; She feels hungry now, only to lose her appetite the next minute. There are days when a husband can never really figure things out correctly.

11. ..And Those When He Hits The Bull’s Eye!

A soft elbow nudge in the middle of the night – she needs help in turning around to the other side; A hard nudge – he’s snoring too loudly for her; No nudge, but a gurgling noise – no burglars, it’s just her, sound asleep!

12. The Guilt Trip

Seeing the efforts of her husband, a wife is bound to feel guilty at some point. So, when she needs favor from him yet again, instead of saying directly, she may beat around the bush, sometimes to the extent of frustrating him.

13. That Weird Taste

Her mom’s ‘healthy’ recipe, a strangely colored brew of herbs, or simply a magic potion for a bonny baby; whatever it may be, with a pregnant woman around, give a second look before you sip/bite any foodstuff at home.

14. Game Of Hormones

Her hormones may go totally bonkers, but her husband’s haven’t. By that logic, a husband needs to curb his natural instincts of fooling around with her, which is no mean feat.

15. Pickle, The Precious

This is one item on the grocery list which means the world to a pregnant wife, and spells peace to her husband’s life.

16. But It’s Not Sacrifice

One of the things that immediately changes as a direct result of a woman’s pregnancy, is her taking over the position of absolute power – his side of the bed!

17. Preparing For D-Day

In the run up to the final day, a husband is as stressed as his wife and jumps at every single false alarm, read labor pain, that she experiences.

18. No Pain, No Gain

She may be in the labor room, bearing excruciating pain. But he’s out there ensuring the medical bills are paid, the ward is comfortable and everything else is in place to welcome the newborn and his mother.

A husband does everything he can to help his pregnant wife; he may stumble, fail and succeed at times. But what a wife really appreciates is what lies at the core of it all…. His love for her and their baby!

Source: Momjunction.