Valentine’s day is a very special occasion but what happens when cheaters get caught on this day. Well for some they will be heartbroken but here one guy lost his balance when he saw all his 14 girlfriends visiting him on his house. It seems like karma did his job by teaching the guy the lesson for his player attitude lets read further about how the girls found out about this.

Valentine’s Day

14th Feb is the most beautiful day on earth where many couples celebrate valentine’s day all over the world. Where everything was going well on that day yet for one guy who never thought that he will get to witness this incident on this lovely occasion.


An 18-year-old boy named Rakib who is no less than a playboy have 14 girlfriends who he switched them every now and then without their knowledge. Rakib thought that he will spend his valentine’s day with his 14 girlfriends with his time slot but he never thought that karma will play such an evil game on him.

Huge Secret

On Valentine’s day, Rakib woke up with a happy mood but he got little startled after seeing his all 14 girlfriends standing inside his room. Seeing his girlfriends he Panicked and literally landed himself inside a hospital. It was later revealed that one of his girlfriends took ahold of his phone only to find out his huge secret.

Karma Didn’t Worked Here

His girlfriend Jorina was aghast to find that her guy was cheating on her with 13 other girls so she planned to take revenge on him. Jorina took this opportunity and messaged all his 13 girlfriends by inviting them to his house. Their surprise to spend time alone with the guy shattered when they learned about his playboy instincts. They thought of teaching him a lesson but the guy’s condition made them feel sorry for him. They all left the house heartbroken and they feel sad for his condition as they all are still in love with him and are ready to share among themselves.

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