Cats are loved by so many people. They like their family friends, the same family they eat, sleep together with them, play with their children, make animals happy. When you are sad about something, loving cats can make you happy instantly.

Here are some great moments of loving cats captured by their owners and shared with everyone. Take a look to have fun.

19. Such a talented actor!

18. Everyone has a friend that photobombs all the pictures.

17. “My cat admiring my pregnant wife”

16. “He just had to watch as I chopped onions for my dinner.”

15. “My parents gave me a new bowl, but the cat decided he needed it more than me.”

14. When you sit down and show your human nature:

13. Invisible tango partner

12. Everyone who has a cat should own a glass table. Here’s why:

11. Cat superhero

10. After a romantic date

9. Hide and seek master

8. When they say you’re not going on vacation but you’re all over the luggage:

7. A cat that was too curious

6. 1 perfect paw

5. 2 perfect paws

4. “What are you looking at? I’m here!”

3. “Our neighbor’s cat doesn’t seem too happy about our new microchip cat flap keeping her from stealing a second breakfast.”

2. “My boy always tries to jump in the fridge when I open it. This is the first time he made it in.”

1. When you want to meow and yawn at once:

Bonus: This cat has just realized that it’s been adopted and is going home.

Do you have a cat at home? Tell us some interesting stories!

Source: Brightside