Life never fails to surprise us. Why shouldn’t it since it almost NEVER seems to go as we plan it? Maybe we are being signaled of presence of ghosts; naaahh. Maybe we are just in a videogame which has weird bugs? Call it a higher power at work or just some random coincidence, these are just…..freaky!

We have these bone-chilling coincidental moments singled out just for you which are bound to get you to question what the actual hell is going on – if you don’t start going nuts about living inside some sort of matrix.

When there’s you behind you

Traveling companions

Gandalf and Dumbledore taking the same bus

Policeman conveyor belt

Three identical customers at a coffee shop

Seven wonders

How is this possible?

These trees are well taken care of

An army of blondes

Take a look at the plates. Insane, isn’t it?

Is that a window or a mirror?

Twin convention on the subway

Four strangers…same choices of clothes

That’s one unlikely convoy

“I’d like to report a glitch in the matrix.”

Double trouble

Are we dealing with a time traveler here?

The outline of nature

Source : Radbeaver.