Almost all mothers on our planet, whether they’re tigresses, elephants or alligators, take care of their babies and do their best to help their kids survive in this harsh world. That’s why mothers always give ultimate protection, tenderness, responsibility, and care. They are an inexhaustible source of warmth and boundless love.

We appreciate the hard work of all mothers and as a way of saying thank you, we’ve prepared a list dedicated to all the amazing mothers on our planet.

A mother is there from the first moments of life.

We are always a source of pride and happiness for them.

And her love will always be enough for everyone!

A mother will always warm you up, feed you, and put you to bed.

She always whispers good words.

There will never be enough kisses to give your mom.

As well as unexpected hugs!

Because she is always tender with us.

A mother is always aware even if we are sleeping.

She understands without us having to say anything and gives good advice.

Her tenderness is abundant.

And she’s full of warmth.

Sometimes you may simply want to drown in your mother’s tenderness.

Just lie together and enjoy each others’ company.

Or simply spend time together.

During childhood, we followed her everywhere.

We asked her to sing with us…

…or to lie with us until we fell asleep.

We all have one mom and she is very, very precious to us.

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Source: Brightside.