Recently, there is an opinion that bearded men attract more women. Many men like to beard because they look more masculine and attractive then. Many people do not like beards because they are afraid of old age. In fact, many women say they prefer men to beard. They look mature.

We send you photos of handsome men in beards. Follow and choose the man with the most beautiful beard.

1. From a boy to a man…

2. Is it really him? Even his eyes have changed.

3. Taking care of a beard like this requires as much time and as much effort as taking care of long hair.

4. He also has more muscles.

5. It seems he was quite attractive before the transformation as well.

6. We wondered how he would look without long hair and with a beard. Here’s how!

7. A 13-day difference

8. Transformed into a bearded man

9. The first beard

10. He got mature.

11. His hair color has changed too.

12. The difference between these photos is 5 years.

13. Even his look became more stern.

14. +100,500 points to his attractiveness

15. “For me, looking at old pictures is like traveling back in time and watching a mental movie of someone else’s life.”

16. Plus beard, minus glasses — and we can see a completely different face.

17. It’s a total transformation!

18. He should have grown a beard a long time ago.

19. The smile remained the same.

20. A totally different person

How do you feel about these beard? Are they beautiful? They help men with a new look. They are much more mature. Let us know your comments below the comment.