Halloween is a magical time of year, whether you’re into ghosts and goblins and skeletons or you’re more of a unicorns and princesses person. And it’s a time to give free reign to your inner crafter and let your creative juices flow.

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration to get going, though, so here’s some inspiration we can all get behind: costumes just for kids in wheelchairs. So much work has gone into them, and the smiles they’ve put on kids’ faces show how worthwhile it all was.

1. I never would have thought of this, but you have to admit that this Hogwarts Express costume is truly magical.

And she didn’t even need to find Platform 9 3/4!

2. An impressive amount of work went into this kid’s Paw Patrol costume, and judging by that big grin, all that work paid off.

Looks like it has plenty of room for candy inside, too!

3. When you realize that the headlights on this Optimus Prime costume actually light up, you really appreciate it.

They work with the costume, and they make trick or treating so much safer.

4. This boy got an absolutely amazing costume to go with his wheelchair, especially for a HALO fan: a Warthog with a working turret.

Of course, it just fires Nerf darts, but still, that’s some awesome work.

5. This girl’s mother made her a bright, beautiful, glowing jellyfish for Halloween!

It’s downright majestic, creative and well executed, and again, much safer for trick or treating with those lights lit up.

6. This boy’s parents made him a cool tank costume, with what looks like dry ice creating a smoky effect in the barrel.

Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate those tank treads.

7. You can’t ask for a better How To Train Your Dragon costume than this one of Hiccup riding Toothless.

And as a bonus, those boots look perfect for a cool October night.

8. I am in awe of this boy’s Ghostbusters costume — and again, those headlights work.

As do the speakers, to play the classic Ecto-1 siren and the theme music. Just some impressive work!

9. Another year, the same boy got to go out in this incredible snow speeder costume.

For some extra authenticity, those guns work — they fire Nerf darts loaded with glow sticks to make them look like laser cannons.

10. Of course, Star Wars is a popular choice, even if you don’t end up going with the light side options.

This Darth Vader/TIE Fighter costume might not have the best peripheral vision, but it’s still pretty awesome. Glad they’ve got that light saber for visibility’s sake, too.

11. This family embraced the Force as well, with a huge X-Wing costume.

But as large as it is, the wings fold up to make navigating tight spaces — and possibly trench runs — a little bit easier.

12. And then there’s this family, who went all out with the X-Wing as well.

Honestly one of the best X-Wings I’ve seen out there, and the whole family is into it.

13. Mario Kart is an excellent source of inspiration, too, as this kid’s colorful Yoshi kart costume shows.

I’m sure this guy collected much more than just banana peels that Halloween!

14. Likewise, this kid went with the classic Italian plumber Mario Kart look, and you have to admit, he’s rocking that ‘stache.

I’d watch out for flying turtle shells around this guy!

15. Okay, this kid’s Ant Man costume is giving me some serious Halloween envy.

I really want to know how his folks got the legs on the ant he’s riding to move like that.

16. What a stroke of brilliance to make this kid’s Superman costume so he appears to fly over metropolis.

Can’t you just picture this kid zooming around the neighborhood for Halloween?

17. A lot of time, cardboard, paint, and love went into this Star Wars snow speeder costume.

And it’s the first we’ve seen with damage painted on the sides, which looks totally cool.

18. This kid looks overjoyed to be at the wheel of a spooky school bus for Halloween.

And again, the headlights work, and the stop sign appears to have some nice reflective tape on it.

19. This guy is prepared for a serious candy haul with some bonus storage in his digger’s shovels, if he needs it.

Who are we kidding, he’ll definitely fill that thing with goodies.

20. This young San Jose Sharks fan got to celebrate his fandom and Halloween with an epic Zamboni costume.

Some amazing artwork, and don’t we all want to drive the Zamboni?

21. Hands down the most spooktacular Halloween costume we’ve seen is this Pennywise outfit, complete with red balloon outside a sewer grate.

Just don’t want to watch the movie beforehand.

22. You have to love how this train costume incorporates a spot for a sibling to ride along as the engineer.

All aboard the Trick or Treat Express, next stop: Candytown!

23. Father and son combined for this amazing Pokémon costume, with Pikachu ready to be called upon inside the poké ball.

You have to think they’re going to catch all the goodies!

24. And hey, why not prep for the next big holiday right away? This Santa’s sleigh costume might not be the easiest to navigate, but it’s too awesome to overlook.

Source : Lifestyle