#1 Steve Buscemi Was A Firefighter. During The 9/11 Attacks He Returned To His Former Job As A New York Firefighter To Help Out

#2 Danny DeVito Was A Hairdresser For Corpses, He Would Style Women’s Hair To Make Them Look Beautiful Before They Went Six Feet Under

#3 Christopher Lee Worked For The Intelligence Service

#4 Johnny Depp Worked As A Telemarketer And Hated It, He Only Made One Sale – And Promptly Talked The Customer Out Of The Purchase

#5 Pierce Brosnan Was A Professional Fire Eater In His Teens And Performed Under The Big Top For Three Years

#6 Jim Carrey Quit School To Support His Family And Started Working As A Janitor

#7 Rihanna Was An Army Cadet

#8 Brad Pitt Used To Dress Up As A Chicken For An El Pollo Loco Restaurant In Hollywood

#9 Barack Obama Was An Ice Cream Scooper At Baskin Robbins

#10 Hugh Jackman Used To Be A Gym Teacher

#11 Bob Ross Was A Sergeant In The Air Force

#12 George Clooney Sold Women’s Shoes, Was A Door-To-Door Insurance Salesman, Stocked Shelves, Was A Construction Worker, Cut Tobacco

#13 Bill Murray Used To Sell Chestnuts Outside Of A Chicago Grocery Store

#14 Gal Gadot Served In The Israeli Defense Forces

#15 David Bowie Worked As A Butcher’s Delivery Boy

#16 Katheryn Winnick Is An Accomplished Martial Artist Who Holds A Third-Degree Black Belt In Taekwondo And A Second-Degree Black Belt In Karate. By 21 She Had Founded And Owned 3 Martial Arts Schools

#17 Jason Lee Was A Professional Skateboarder

#18 Chris Pratt Worked As A Stripper While Struggling To Make A Living In Hawaii

#19 Helen Mirren Worked As A Promoter For An Amusement Park In Southend On Sea

#20 Tom Hanks Was A Popcorn And Peanuts Vendor

#21 Kate Winslet Was A Sandwich Maker In A Delicatessen

#22 Liam Neeson Trained To Be A Teacher

#23 Whoopi Goldberg Was A Morgue Beautician

#24 Sandra Bullock Worked As A Bartender And Waitress At A Restaurant In Manhattan

#25 Tim Allen Was A Drug Dealer

#26 Nicole Kidman Studied Massage So She Could Help Her Mother, Who Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, With Physical Therapy

#27 Gerard Butler Was A Trainee Lawyer But Got Fired Due To His Partying And Frequently Missing Work

#28 Charlize Theron Charlize Theron Studied At The Joffrey Ballet School In New York, But Had To Cut Her Dancing Career Short Due To A Knee Injury At The Age Of 19

#29 Jon Hamm Was A Set-Dresser For Porn Films

#30 Victoria Beckham Played A Sperm On Roller Skates For A BBC Sex Education Show Called ‘Body Matters’

#31 Michelle Pfeiffer Was A Cashier At A Supermarket

#32 Jake Gyllenhaal Was A Lifeguard

#33 Sheryl Crow Was A Music Teacher In An Elementary School

#34 Evangeline Lilly Worked As A Flight Attendant

#35 Adrien Brody Performed Magic Shows At Children’s Birthday Parties As “The Amazing Adrien”

#36 Rachel Mcadams Worked At McDonalds

#37 Lucy Liu Was A Secretary, Aerobics Instructor And A Hostess

Source: Boredpanda.