We’re all trying to focus on the positive things in life, but sometimes you have to look at all the ironic things that have happened in our world.

The illustrations below use a sense of humor to point out some of the negative changes our society has undergone over the past century.

Salaries have stayed the same or decreased while our bills, housing prices, and all other expenses have skyrocketed.

Children no longer spend their time playing outside, but instead waste away their days sitting in front of a computer screen.

The confidence and self-esteem of millions of people is directly dependent on the number of likes they are able to get per photo posted on Facebook or Instagram.

Relationships are no longer rooted in love, but instead have become based on short-term needs. Losing our cell phone has become one of the worst tragedies possible.

Here is a compilation of funny but realistic pictures that illustrate the modern world:

1. Smaller Computers, Bigger People

2. Holiday Pictures Before & After Smartphones

3. Checking The Mail Then And Now

4. Roles Are Reversing Sooner Than Ever Before

5. No One Knows The Value Of Hard Work Anymore (says every Grandparent)

6. Being A Teacher in 1960 VS. Being A Teacher Today

7. TV’s Are Slimmer But People Are Bigger

8. The Evolution of Philosophy

9. How To Waste Time By Decade

10. Durability Then And Now

11. Changing Life Of Runners

12. Then And Now: George Lucas

13. Texting Vs. Calling

14. Isolation Is The New Form Of Human Contact

15. From Cruel To Barbaric

16. Landline Jokes

17. Water Is The New Gold

18. This Is Where Sagging Is Headed…

19. Welcome To The Real World

20. Who Needs Family When You Have Cell Phones… Right?

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Source: Higherperspectives