Designers are the most creative minds. They can make things that sweep through our ability to think. With them, the designs are like the brainchild that they put all the talent and enthusiasm into it.

We have collected great designs from talented designers. They should be given prizes for these designs.

1. A bed with a platform — using up that space right!

2. Star Wars date night

3. Et tu, Brute?

4. That’s a creative space-saving restaurant design.

5. This fire extinguisher on the wall

6. “Grandpa’s pill box and water bottle as one”

7. CD cover

8. A can for a fisherman

9. I found this sign that is only visible at night.

10. This toothpaste that comes with a sliding key to help roll the tube

11. Using landscape in the art piece

12. A bicycle rack at a local library

13. Charging drawers

14. “This entrance to the kid section at our local library”

15. The line handrails at Hong Kong’s Disneyland let you rest.

16. This staircase has a point…

17. Smart books — smart covers

18. Do you now?

19. This bracelet is also a phone charging cable.

20. A rock climbing wall suspended over water so you don’t have to worry about climbing gear

21. Smart plugs

Which one of these would you name the winner of the “Design Award” if it was up to you? Be sure to share in the comments below!

Source: Brightside.