Seeing these below people, it is hard for you to guess their real age. And when knowing their age, it will make you jaw-dropping.

It’s hard to believe the age of some people like these people we have listed below. It’s no secret that we humans are trying to know the secret of staying young. But these people don’t bother at all because they look as if the source of eternal youth is in their backyard. If you listen to science then if you’re happy you can stay young but some people have it in their genes. And it gets harder and harder to guess their actual age, as they look even more gorgeous with every passing year. They’re already accustomed to being asked to show their passport to prove their age and it’s not their fault!

Here we have a list of some people who are over 50 but are too young for their age! For them, age is just a number that doesn’t determine anything at all! Have a look.

#1 Whang-od Oggay, 101 years old

#2 Tao Porchon-Lynch, 100 years old

#3 Robert Marchand, 106 years old

#4 Tatyana Nekludova, 61 years old

#5 Majorie Gilbert, 102 years old

#6 Eveline Hall, 72 years old

#7 Chuando Tan, 51 years old

#8 Veruschka von Lehndorff, 79 years old

#9 Julia Hawkins, 102 years old

#10 Ivan Petkov, 53 years old

#11 Jim Arrington, 85 years old

#12 Ron Jack Foley, 50 years old

#13 Philippe Dumas, 62 years old

#14 Yazemeenah Rossi, 63 years old

#15 Ernestine Shepherd, 81 years old

#16 Lauren Hutton, 74 years old

#17 Maye Musk, 70 years old

#18 Anthony Varrecchia, 55 years old

#19 Alessandro Manfredini, 49 years old

#20 Wang Deshun, 82 years old

Source: Other Perspectives