Vehicles often have a limit on how much stuff it is safe to load them with, but that hasn’t stopped these drivers from recklessly overloading their vehicles or driving with precarious loads! Whether they’re trucks, scooters, bikes or motor-tricycles, there are many surprising and unbelievable moments captured of the smallest vehicles transporting heavy loads.

Although many of the people probably don’t have a choice, overloading your vehicle is a bad idea. Before structural failure, your brakes, tires and engine can all easily fail.

You would never believe how many things or even people can fit on a simple vehicle. Share any pictures of the craziest loads you’ve seen!

1. In the Sahara Desert

2. In Shanghi

3. Somewhere in Africa

4. In Bangladesh

5. In the Sahara Desert

6. In Vietnam

7. In Vietnam, again.

8. In Zhuji

9. In Hangzhou

10. In Bangladesh

11. In China

12. In China, again

13. In Vietnam

14. In Germany

15. In India

16. In Thailand

17. In China

18. In Africa

19. In China

20. In Shanghai

21. Somewhere in the world

22. Somewhere where donkeys fly

23. Another place where donkeys fly

Source : Crazyvitamins