When you have children, there are a number of changes. Life changes and family responsibilities increase to a new level. Scientists have demonstrated hormonal changes, changes in appearance, but every mother is sure that they are happy to be a mother.

We have provided evidence of changes in mothers before and after having children.

1. A handful of toddlerhood

2. It is indeed a tough fight.

3. Various forms of tiredness

4. Taking pictures after having kids

5. Toys, toys everywhere

6. You get a whole new fashion sense after having kids.

7. Your new makeup artist

8. Another victim of creativity

9. New makeup techniques

10. This facial expression says it all.

11. When you get used to getting kicked:

12. From beaching to breast pumping

13. When you always feel exhausted:

14. Holding pretty girls

15. You can’t even eat in peace!

16. Joy ride or roller coaster?

17. At least his haircut looks way better now.

18. Raising kids is an adventure in itself.

19. Life is still so much fun but in a different way.

20. Even the doggy got “toddlered”!

Do you have children? Can you relate to any of the photos above? Share your funny before and after pictures with us in the comments below!

Source: Brightside