Dads are generally known for being straight-up goofy. From the classic socks-and-sandals look to the horrible puns and dad jokes they torture us with.

But every now and then, you find a dad who is nothing less than a total savage, and I say that’s even funnier! Here are a bunch of the most savage dads we could find.

1. Sometimes you get a gift for a special occasion or accomplishment, and other times you get a gift as a lesson!

Lucky he didn’t make her eat it to clean out her mouth.

2. In the hands of a savage dad, a phone can be a dangerous tool.

Something tells me he just learned about “OMG” recently. Good to get some practice, I suppose.

3. This one, I can’t really blame him for — I mean, who wouldn’t pick a doggo over some dumb humans, amirite?

That dog’s solemn facial expression is just too perfect.

4. Nothing like getting your son’s hopes up to cement your status as a complete effing savage.

I mean, you can’t say there wasn’t a surprise at least. Happy birthday, kiddo!

5. This dad knows how to make a birthday post for his daughter, alright. He made sure everyone knows who she is!

Well, maybe they could look like sisters if she grew a mustache?

6. Having your dad teach you how to drive is a rite of passage for some. For others, it’s a right headache!

Oh, so I guess 140 miles per hour is okay then?

7. It’s one thing to take your kids’ phone away as a form of punishment — it’s another, more savage thing to rub it in afterward!

Well, at least they’re still talking…kind of.

8. Although, sometimes it might be best to not have your phone around — especially if your savage dad is texting you!

I hope he got a ride to the burn ward after.

9. “Mmmm, fairly disappointed you look, yes?”

I don’t think there’s a dad out there who can resist the urge to make dad jokes. But getting the hopes up is saaaavage!

10. Billy over here has a lot to think about on his 18th birthday. Yikes!

Also, Billy, come on, dude. You just turned 18, time to learn how to delete browser history.

11. Say what you want about getting your 18-year-old son a condom and some life advice, at least those are kind of useful.

Here, we just have the joke — not even a Star Wars toy!

12. And, lastly, when you have some savage parents, you know it’s bound to run in the family.

Trust me, you don’t want dads using modern lingo. “My BBQ is lit! …Literally! Get it!?”

13. If I asked my dad for McDonald’s and this is what he gave me, I would actually cry.

14. This is the right thing to do when you find your daughter’s extensions.

15. His stories are on.

Sometimes you need to watch the kids AND watch T.V. When that happens, just tape ’em up and you’re good to go.

16. She is straight up plotting her revenge.

Replacing Fanta with apple juice, let alone LIGHT apple juice… What kind of monster would do that?

17. Wonder whose room that is.

That’s some serious dedication to trolling your kids.

18. This dad who turned on all the singing Rudolphs and proceed to conduct them.

19. A whole gang of dads.

Look at them all, wearing helmets and rolling around as a dad posse.

20. Wow, they almost look identical.

The thing is, his is the real deal. He doesn’t need a filter to get a crown of flowers.

21. “Hey, hold still for a second”

Way to set your kid up. I guess you could say they got blown away.

22. Why have children if you aren’t going to put them to work?

Gotta teach them when they’re young, right?

23. He’ll have other birthdays!

“Hey, sorry about your first birthday, but Ghostbusters II was on.”

24. Can’t leave him alone for even a day.

Just goes ahead and throws his son under the bus, too.

25. There is a favorite in every family.

And in this family, Allison definitely wasn’t the favorite.

Source: Diply.