Jealousy is a part of human nature. Many people have felt it, if not everyone, at some point in their lives. Sometimes, it’s so obvious that it even appears funny. In the following pictures, 20 people couldn’t hide their jealousy while being photographed. You can’t help it, folks, it’s still there. Try not to feel sorry for these people who just felt like their world is falling apart. Here are 20 times envious people got caught on camera, courtesy of ViralThread.

1. Third wheeling is never fun

Especially when you’re with your best friend and her handsome boyfriend. Oh, the misery!

2. Just look at that sad face. Her world is falling apart right now.

3. “Why can’t I have boobs like these?”

Maybe if she touches them, hers will grow a little.

4. Only girl in the world

“Under my umbrella ella, ella, eh, eh”

5. The unmistakably jealous side-eye look

6. “Is that really your waist?”

7. She truly wants that food!

8. There’s always one person not looking at the camera, who has two distractions here…

Talk about having low self-esteem!

9. Do not take a picture of my sad face!

10. When you’re dressed as a Carl’s Jr. model for Halloween

11. He wants that trophy so bad!

It’s just too bad he’s not as good as Djokovic.

12. There’s nothing more romantic than a couple sharing a drink

Also, it’s a bit disgusting. Get away from me!

13. Forget the green-eyed monster! The cross-eyed monster is more popular now!

Some people don’t even try to hide their envy.

14. What on Earth is that?

15. “Why can’t I be so big?”

16. My brother may have a better beard…

…but I am the favorite son!

17. The oldest trick in the book

18. Jealousy knows no boundaries and doesn’t care about personal space, either.

19. Here’s some diet motivation!

20. Sophia Vergara has this effect on many people

Isn’s she perfect?

Here are more jealous people caught in photos.

Source: Viralthread.