We have developed a lot in the 21st century but what we have forgotten is morals. We have learned new skills but we have lost a lot of humanity. Meet Artist Luis Quiles who has impeccably made illustrations that are precisely perfect about the modern world.

He is a Spanish artist who has made illustrations about the ugly side of society. His images are very controversial yet satisfying. He has depicted about misery today’s world is facing. He has attracted viewers with his work about double-faced politicians, Obsessions for money and curves and attraction for all the wealth. Truly the modern world is filled with disgust.

Scroll To See Illustrations That Precisely Reflect The Disgust Filled In This Modern World!

1. Well, This Is How You Save Yourself.

2. The Wrong Type Of Feeding.

3. The Wrong President.

4. You Made It.

5. That Is Some Serious Art.

6. This Is The Most Controversial One.

7. More Pills More Diseases.

8. They Aren’t Spreading Happiness.

9. I Hope This Works.

10. The Pain In The Eyes.

11. This Is What People Really Want.

12. How To Become Rich.

13. The Long Dead Marine Life.

14. The Kardashians Get More Attention Then The Needed One.

15. Religion And Other Drugs.

16. I Hope They Survive This.

17. The Different Face.

18. The Real Batman Universe.

19. The Changed Way Of Pleasure.

20. Count Them All.

21. You Do Not Have Rights.

Source : Genmice