Homework is an obsession for young children. They make the children feel stressed, uncomfortable, sleepy and become fearful. But not all, there are children who take their homework as fun, and have smart ideas they become easier.

We have collected some homework done by children. Sure, it will give you a lot of laughter.

21. Let’s be honest…

20. This kid might be a fan of Timon and Pumbaa.

19. Slow clap for his thought process

18. Another Belieber

17. That’s a good piece of advice.

16. This kid has an attitude.

15. This is the teacher’s fault for asking such an obvious question.

14. Well, at least this kid has good drawing skills.

13. Never thought it could be that simple.

12. Very funny, Peter!

11. Mr. Lonely

10. That’s one smart kid.

9. We bet you’re singing along.

8. Wait, what?

7. This one was easy.

6. That’s innocence.

5. Kids are listening to lot of music these days.

4. At least he knows about global warming.

3. Poor giraffe

2. This is coming from an emotional child.

1. Rude!

These were just some of the snippets that we found. Let us know in the comments below if you would like us to share more.

Source: Brightside