Students love to troll their teachers in different ways like answering silly answers to questions they don’t know. However this post is awesome as it shows some teachers who are master trolls and are teaching their students what the art of trolling is all about. They are proving that no matter what, students can never outsmart their teachers.

These teachers showed their students how it’s done. Listed below are photos of epic lessons in trolling taught by 22 witty teachers to their students. Scroll down peeps and enjoy this cool post which is sure to make you laugh out loud:

1. This class decore

2. One intelligent teacher!

3. So some asshole stole my media teacher’s Big Lebowski bobblehead…

4. Lmaooo! My professor really brought a mf coffin to class to say “y’all test scores had me dead”

5. The savage one

6. These teacher took away their student’s phone and returned it with this wallpaper

7. At least my chemistry teacher has a sense its humour!

8. The prankster

9. Meanwhile during final exams….. “THE SHRUBSTITUTE TREECHER”

10. So My Chemistry Teacher Set The Table On Fire, look how happy he is…..!

11. My English teacher’s yearbook photo!

12. One of his students said, “I’m glad gays can’t marry here. They scare me, kinda like clowns.”

13. The teacher grading these

14. How a teacher stopped his students from stealing his calculator

15. The awarded stduent

16. Now he will get the lesson

17. He was really fed up!

18. When the teacher and student both are smart

19. She might find her brain there

20. My microbiology professor did the entire lecture like this.

21. Best homework ever!

22. His does this in every test so we don’t cheat!

Source: Bemethis.