Ever walked down the street and thought you saw one thing but looked twice and wonder how can people be so stupid or how certain things can actually happen. Well, seems like if you don’t capture something at just the right moment, you may never get to see it again. Because you can take a thousand photos but the perfect timing can make or break a photo, turning it into a hilarious coincidence. Like a monkey riding a dog and chasing a goat or a Bentley, owner turn his gorgeous car into a watermelon!

Have a look at these impressive pictures that left the Internet baffled!

#1 When you can do anything to get attention

#2 This dog has a better life than most of us

#3 Trying to escape the wave like a hero

#4 Wanna play with my pet?

#5 What is this?

#6 A king always defends his castle

#7 How did this happen?

#8 Who said cats are cute?

#9 When you’re bored at work!

#10 Monkey on a dog back riding down a goat

#11 Oh nothing! It’s a bit rainy today

#12 Look at his tongue!

#13 A busload of strong woman and naughty men

#14 She looks like she just defeated her enemies!

#15 When you’re on a diet

#16 Look carefully!

#17 It looks like a cartoon universe

#18 The seagulls are ruthless in Venice, Italy

#19 How did he reach there?

#20 Woman trying to walk her cat

#21 Trying to take a picture when it’s windy

#22 Deer Having a piece of bread

#23 Toddlers watching construction

#24 “You ain’t really wild, you a tourist!”

Source: Spysparrow.